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130 Happy Camper Holding Tank Treatment 100% Organic – 130 Treatments

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Happy Camper Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment 130 oz

Nothing works better than Happy Camper Holding Tank Treatment!

• ODOR FREE: absolutely no chemical or sewer smell
• ORGANIC: biodegradable, environmentally friendly, septic tank friendly
• EFFECTIVE: in extreme hot & cold temperatures ( over 100°f )
• LIQUIFY: waste solids & most ordinary household tissue ( no expensive special tissue needed )

Item Weight: 13 pounds
Product Dimensions: 9.75″ x 7.75″ x 5.25″
Manufacturer Part Number: HC-130-oz
Upc: 186045000127

In stock

Product Description

130 Happy Camper Holding Tank Treatment 100% Organic & Effective

RV black and gray tank odor problem?

Not if you’re using Happy Camper holding tank treatment in your black and gray tanks!

There are conservatively a million different products that say they are the best way to prevent odor in your RV holding tanks, but only one can be the best. Happy Camper holding tank treatment takes the crown hands down.

Not only is Happy Camper the most effective odor neutralizer, it is also the most cost effective product on the market. Happy Camper’s highly concentrated water-activated mineral blend eliminates odor without covering it up with perfume like many of the chemical deodorant treatments. Happy Camper works most like an enzyme or bioactive treatment but is not affected by residuals (previous tank treatment chemicals) and unlike enzyme treatments you do not need to regularly add more treatment.

Happy Camper’s performance is not affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures and is not harmful to the environment, in fact it’s biodegradable. Happy Camper is a highly concentrated monohydrate blend of minerals and micro nutrients with enough waste treating power that 1 ounce of Happy Camper will treat a 40 gallon black tank and a ½ ounce will treat your grey tank.

When presented with a particularly stubborn holding tank issue our service department relies on Happy Campers ability to break down waste within a few hours of treatment. We have had customers report they have used the Happy Camper holding tank treatment to eliminate clogs in kitchen sinks and showers without worrying about damaging their RV’s plumbing.

Here’s just a few comments from our Happy Campers:

Happy Camper Black Tank Treatment Rocks !!!!
on September 10, 2015
This stuff is just amazing works great, I have a 57 gallon black tanks so I just use two heaping scoops , I pour both scoops into a 5 gallon bucket of water and stir and stir some more to mix everything up, then down the black tank and were all set, I also will pour a cup or two of Original Blue Dawn Dish soap into the bucket and also mix it with the Happy Campers. I do this every time after I dump and flush black tank and also put two scoops with just water down the sink for the gray tank. Stuff is cheap when you go with the larger 130 oz size I just keep refilling the original 40 oz Happy Campers container that I first bought when trying out Happy Campers. I have zero order when dumping black and also Gray, They use to stink to high heaven when I use to dump them, also I have started to use Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper and the happy camper seems to have no problem breaking in down with is great.
I was a skeptic.
on July 30, 2016

I feel compelled to write about this product. I have been battling the stink of black and grey tanks for about a year now. I’ve been using camco TST orange stuff and it works for a few days and then the stink starts. I dry camp around Denver industrial areas and dump my tanks every two weeks. I purchased this from the reviews and I had to resist the urge to use more than one of the tiny scooper when I recieved it. I was already into my fifth day with the TST and it was stinking in the 90 degree weather we have been getting. It only took a half hour and I wasn’t smelling the foulness that I normally have to deal with. I cannot believe it!

I am at the end of my second two week stretch and I am still not smelling the tanks.

I wish I had started buying Happy Camper before I changed my rooftop vents to the 360 degree. Those were $50 bucks a pop and didn’t clear up the stink.
Of all the things I’ve purchased for my RV this is the best hands down.

How to use Happy Camper Holding Tank Treatment:

Black Tank:

  • Fill toilet bowl with water and add 1 scoop of Happy Camper per 40-gallon tank.
  • Stir well and flush. (Pro Tip: Make sure you stir in the Happy Camper treatment as you add it).
  • Refill toilet bowl with two gallons of water and flush.

Gray Tank:

  • Mix 1/2 scoop of Happy Camper with water in kitchen sink or shower and wash it down the drain.

Additional Information

Weight 7.7 lbs
Dimensions 9.75 x 7.75 x 5.25 in



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