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Happy Campers Natural RV Holding Tank Treatment & Deoderizer – 18 Treatments

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Happy Campers Natural & Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment 18 oz

happy campers guarantee

  • ODOR FREE: product has absolutely no chemical or sewer smell
  • ORGANIC: biodegradable, environmentally friendly, septic tank friendly
  • EFFECTIVE: Stop odors in extreme hot & cold temperatures ( over 100°f )
  • EXTENDED DUMP INTERVAL: keeps on working ( don’t have to add more before dumping )
  • LIQUIFIES WASTE: Solids & most ordinary household tissue ( no expensive special tissue needed )






In stock

Product Description

Happy Campers Natural & Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment and deoderizer – 18 treatments for RV& marine holding tanks.

Don’t just mask odors, eliminate them!

Happy Campers natural RV holding tank treatment and cleaner is similar to the GEO method of dealing with black and gray holding tank odors in the sense that they are both sensitive to your holding tank yet effective at eliminating odors. However; Happy Campers is an all natural and organic cleaning and deodorizing product that is easy to use and just plain works.

1 Ounce of Happy Campers cleaner Treats Thirty Gallons in a black holding tank and Costs less than $.53 per treatment.

This Organic, environmentally friendly, biodegradable holding tank treatment uses NO formaldehyde or harsh chemicals. It’s completely Safe, clean, and effective. Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment Liquefies solid waste and most household tissue. Long term, proper usage of this holding tank cleaner reduces buildup of scum, sludge, scale and clogs, forestalling expensive professional tank cleaning.

Nine trace elements, two heavy elements make a highly concentrated mineral, micro-nutrient blend. In short the active good bacteria overtake bad bacteria in order to eliminate odor, accelerate natural waste decomposition. Works longer than other RV holding tank treatments on the market and it also works effectively in extreme climates, over 100°F.

How to use Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment:

Black Tank:

  • Fill toilet bowl with water and add 1 scoop of Happy Camper per 40-gallon tank.
  • Stir well and flush. (Pro Tip: Make sure you stir in Happy Campers as you add it).
  • Refill toilet bowl with two gallons of water and flush.

Gray Tank:

  • Mix 1/2 scoop of Happy Camper with water in kitchen sink or shower and wash it down the drain.


The most cost effective odor eliminator for black/gray holding tanks on the market today!

My husband and I live and travel in our RV full time and we have for many years! Is there any other way to live? We have tried every Holding tank treatment on the market over the years and have settled on Happy Campers as THE BEST the market has to offer. Used it now for almost 2 years and no complaints!

We began full time RVing 6 months ago and have had smell problems ever since. It wasn’t constant or anything, but whenever we would take off to a new location (usually at a different altitude), it was HORRIBLE. Husband thought we overflowed the grey tank once and would forever have these problems. Well I decided to trust the other reviews and bought this in conjunction with the Happy Camper Extreme Holding Tank Cleaner and we’ve been smell free ever since!!!!!!! Ohmygoodness, you cannot put a price on that. Will be a faithful user from now on!


Item Weight: 1.8lbs
Product Dimensions: 5″ x 5″ x 5″
Manufacturer Part Number: HC-18-oz
Upc: 186045000028

Additional Information

Weight 1.80 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 x 4.2 x 4.5 in


2 reviews for Happy Campers Natural RV Holding Tank Treatment & Deoderizer – 18 Treatments

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Happy Campers works great in our RV. Very reliable and easy to use.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have tried just about everything over the years and nothing has worked during the summer heat down here in southern Louisiana…..until now that is!!!! This stuff works great!! I will buy nothing else now.

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