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Happy Campers RV Odor Eliminator

Happy Campers RV Odor Eliminator is the most recommended holding tank treatment for eliminating unpleasant holding tank odors for RVs and boats.  Happy Campers products will work in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees and will continue to work until your boat holding tank is pumped out or you dump your RV holding tank.  A treatment of just 1 ounce per 30 gallon tank keeps your boat or RV holding tanks odor free.  Happy Campers Odor Eliminator is simply the easiest and most cost effective holding tank treatment on the market.

Healthy Boater and Happy Campers will eliminate odors not only in your boat or RV’s black water tank and gray water holding tanks, but will eliminate odors even in your washing machine!  Use Healthy Boater in your bilge to eliminate any odors there!

If you can’t get a bad smell out of your clothes, just add a scoop of Happy Campers without soap — you’ll like the results. Hunters use it so there is no soap or other odor in their hunting outfits.