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We are happy to report to you the results of our testing of your product during the year, 2005. Prospect RV Park

Criteria Tested:

  • Must be free of all human cancer causing agents
  • Must not prevent natural breakdown of waste material
  • Must not destroy natural enzymes & bacteria
  • Must not be detrimental to Park Waste Water Treatment Plant.
  • Must effectively render RV waste tank odorless.
  • Must be reasonable in cost to consumer.
Three years ago I first encountered Happy Campers at an RV show. My initial thought was, “This is snake oil”. Regardless, I purchased some and tried it out. I will never go back to any other product! I was formerly using an enzyme, but discovered that enzymes stop working at high temperatures.

This summer I used Happy Campers in temperatures exceeding 100F. The product worked as well as it does in lower temperatures. When I empty my black tank there is no smell. Literally NADA. I also use it in my gray tank.

When you purchase a large tub, I estimate this product costs about 1/10th of a liquid enzyme. It is so economical, I no longer worry about waiting until I have a full holding tank before dumping.

We now recommend Happy Campers to all our members based on cost, ease of use, and environmental friendliness.

- Paul Beddows, founder of NATCOA
We switched to Happy Campers, and the odor complaints have ceased. We think Happy Campers is an excellent product and will continue to use and recommend it to everyone

- Mona Fennema, Tri-Lakes Houseboat Rentals
Holiday Harbor, Shasta Lake After a trial period of one season’s use of your product in our houseboat holding tanks, I am pleased to report the instances of customer complaints have dropped dramatically. Even during periods of record breaking 117 degree heat, we had no complaints of toilet odors. Thanks you for providing such a reliable product.
Stephen C. Barry President of a company renting 65 houseboats
But this treatment absolutely lives up to it’s claim. We have been using this for about six weeks now and have had zero odor coming up from out holding tanks…even when they reach capacity. I wouldn’t even consider anything else now and this has the added bonus of no strong perfume odor.
By D.E.M., Verified Purchase Amazon

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